Podiatry News:Plantar Fasciitis no Inflammation?

28th of August, 2015 |  Health

For the longest period of time plantar fasciitis has been know and treated as an inflammation of the tissue alongside the plantar fascia in the foot. However, recent studies show that plantar fasciitis, in fact, may have been treated the wrong way for centuries.

Besides the fact that one third of U.S. citizens experience plantar fasciitis at least once in their lives, the condition is still not fully understood. It is a mystery how there is so little research about a condition so common.

Plantar Fasciitis is an inflammation of the plantar fascia tissue. This condition is often caused by an injury or over use such as excessive running, standing or walking. Wearing shoes that do not support your arch or cushion your feet can also result in plantar fasciitis.

Treatment of Plantar Fasciitis

So far plantar fasciitis has been known as an inflammation and be treated as such. The body can beat inflammation and is effective at curing itself, provided you give it some rest. For at least 5 weeks resting is key: no barefoot walking, no long standing, no sports, no walking down or up hills. The condition is particularly painful in the morning. Wear proper and stabilizing footwear.

A lot of people have tightness in their own calf muscles and Achilles tendons, which may hamper an all-natural walking pattern. This puts extra stress on the plantar fascia. Flexible muscles are extremely significant in prevention and the treatment of leg injuries and most foot.

Three or two times a day, use an ice pack onto the heel and hold it. This will help provide temporary pain relief and cool down the inflammation. Antiinflammatory drugs like Ibuprofen will help reduce the inflammation of the plantar fascia.

However if plantar fasciitis is indeed no inflammation the treatments just described may not be working as well as assumed. Studies assume that there is a good chance that plantar fasciitis is not acutally a fasciitis but a degenerative fasciosis.

So far, podiatrists and doctors haven't changed the way they cure and heal plantar fasciitis. The research is still thin and too little is know yet to jump into any conclusions. But the future will show us what plantar fasciitis really is and how to cure it effectively.

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