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GWN Expands Syndication Routes For Feeds

Posted by Peperi Franizzi on Friday, June 3, 2011, In : Widget Updates 
Taking the initial movement to it's final conclusion, I hooked up the remaining 7 GWN RSS feeds to their own dedicated Widget. This move will allow any web developers to quickly and easily take a copy of the exact feed that they would like to place on their site. All widgets allow for size and color customization for each user, adding to the level of functionality for individual developers.
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Services Currently Offered At Tumblr = 5 + 1

Posted by Peperi Franizzi on Thursday, April 7, 2011, In : Tumblr Updates 
Tumblr, the social network aggregator, is currently featuring 5 GWN RSS feeds as well as the GWN Twitter feed. We have added this service in the hope that it will be helpful for those on the Tumblr network.

Come See Our Tumblr Page Here!

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Founded October, 2010

Grid Wide News Based In Second Life, Grid Wide News Is A Multi-Platform & Multi-Dimension News Organization. Our Global Platform Will Discover, Aggregate And Syndicate News That Affects Users Of The Second Life Platform.

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Peperi Franizzi As Director Of Operations For GWN My Responsibility Is To Create A Highly Stable, Focused & Flexible Syndication Network. As An Editor, I Attempt To Allow For Full Freedom Of Speech And Multiple Perspectives While Demanding Well Researched & Quality Driven Articles. And As A Journalist I Attempt To Bring A Holistic Perspective To All Events While Staying Knowledgeable To The Fact That My Perspective Is Always A Single Ray Of Light In The Spectrum.

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